X-TREME SNAP-OUT-SYSTEM – The innovative front suspension doesn‘t break in the event of a crash, but simply snaps out and can be pushed in again, enabling you to carry on driving. In conjunction with the specially angled kick-up front axle, this not only increases durability, but also reduces the crash sensitivity.
PRO SERVO STEERING – The infinitely variable, proportional, electronically supported servo steering offers precise steering with a small turning radius.
VARIABLE POWER SUPPLY* – Both the rechargeable battery and the battery holder can be used in every Revell Control X-treme model. The LiFePo rechargeable battery offers continous high performance and saves on weight compared to the battery holder for 6 AA batteries**. Replacement is quick, easy and without plugs.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT* – Extra equipment, like the switchable Light pod, give the vehicles a special character and increase the play value.
GROUND CLEARANCE – All models have a ground clearance of about ca. 26 mm, which minimizes the risk of contact.
SHOCKPROOF DAMPING REAR HINGE – The suspension of the rear axle with a shockproof, damping rear hinge made from robust rubber material offers optimal driving characteristics and increases the service life.
SPECIAL REAR AXLES* – Models with a single motor axle offer good driving characteristics during normal use on the track and optimal traction during off-road use. The dual motor axle has 2 powerful motors that work together as an electronic differential gear and bring the power extremely effectively on the track.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT* – Extra equipment, like the switchable Light pod, give the vehicles a special character and increase the play value.

Revell Control X-treme is the new high-performance range of technically sophisticated RC vehicles with 2.4 GHz radio control – developed and designed by the RC specialists at Revell. The new Revell Control X-treme cars offer fast-paced action and set new standards in technology, reliability, durability and service-friendly design.

X-treme quality
Every Revell Control X-treme model offers consistent high quality and innovative technology. The modular design and the identical chassis across all vehicles as the technology carrier guarantee unique functions and benefits. Different variations and special equipment, such as the axle type used or the lighting equipment, give the vehicles their unique character and increase the play value.

X-treme serviceability
The service-friendly design, durability and the low maintenance requirements of the Revell Control X-treme models are truly unique. Any service requirements can usually be carried out easily and quickly on-site or by the customers themselves.


Up to 25 km/h real top speed – GPS tested! During GPS speed tests, up tp 40% faster than comparable competition models.


The electronically supported, infinitely variable Pro Servo steering ensures precise steering with a small turning radius.


Power is supplied either by the functional battery box for 6 x AA batteries** or the LiFePo rechargeable battery, which fit every RC X-treme vehicle. The battery can even be retrofitted at a later time.


The vehicles are extremely robust thanks to the dust and spray water protected electronics and high ground clearance.


Charge in under 60 minutes and up to 30 minutes driving enjoyment with the LiFePo battery*, depending on your driving style.


Die X-treme snap-out front suspension, the innovative design of the front axle and the shockproof rear hinge made from rubber material reduce the crash sensitivity and improve durability.


All vehicles come with a 2.4 GHz remote control, which was designed to be ergonomic for children‘s hands and is equipped with 2 additional switching functions.


Whether the single motor axle with optimal off-road drive or the dual motor axle with electronic differential gear is used, all vehicles have outstanding driving characteristics.

* depending on the equipment in the relevant model ** not included in the scope of supply